Thursday, 15 March 2012

One a day update

Hi Everyone,

Well I'm a week and a bit behind in posting. I'd noticed everyone was being struck down by nasty bugs and flu's but thought I was escaping. I didn't. Hubby got sick first, then little dude and finally me. What a rotten dose.

Most importantly though one a day is going well. I have 83 rows done now and i'm onto the third rotation of colours. I really love this blanket because it requires no concentration and i can pick it up and do a few stitches whenever i have a minute.

I had to buy another 2 packs of the stylecraft yarn to keep the project going as i was going to run out of some colours, shock horror. Luckily I had a discount code for 15% off so that took a bit of a sting out of the purchase. Hubby very kindly purchased it for me too. I know he was feeling sorry for me in my sick state, plus i burnt my arm over the steamer when i was cooking dinner and then had a picture fall on my other arm when cleaning the bookcase. I may have informed him of all these ailments more than once. Of course I wasn't complaining though :)

Here's a pic of my progress. Sorry the photo isn't great. My phone is a stone age nokia and thats the only camera I had access too.


I have to finish the zigzag tea cosy this week too. I just needed some buttons, which is where my mom comes in. My mom works in my grandparents shop. It used to have a very large haberdashery department but when granny retired that department retired too. Recently we've been trying to build it back up again. Anyway there is a massive stand of buttons and some are old, very old, older than me. We'll use the term vintage. Mom very kindly packed up a bag of them and sent them down to me. She sees them as a bit of a thorn in her side but i was so excited when i opened the package. I love them and have picked a few that will go perfectly on the tea cosy so no more excuses, tea cosy you will get finished.

I hope everyone elses progress is going well.  

Until next time, 

Happy Crocheting, x