Wednesday, 7 September 2011

A little bit about me

My name is Niamh. I’m married to Adrian and we have a beautiful son Ben. We also have 3 very demanding but lovable cats. I love to crochet. My two weaknesses in life are yarn and books.

I recently joined a CAL on Ravelry called One a Day and I thought that this is as good a time as any to start a blog and document my One a Day for the group. As my New Year resolution this year I decided I would like to start a blog about crochet and finish a crochet tea cosy pattern that I’ve been working on for months by the time my first baby was due in August.

This never happened. I thought alot about what to write but never actually put fingers to keyboard. The tea cosy design also got sidetracked by morning sickness that lasted morning, noon and night. Fast forward to June and our son was born 11 wks early. After all that I am only beginning my much debated blog now, September 2011.
I learned to crochet in National School, just basic stitches to create the necessary matinee coat that every child seems to make. I loved needle crafts but after secondary school I just didn’t keep up with them. About 7 years ago I decided to start crocheting again. I purchased a ball of Tivoli Little Angel yarn, 2 crochet hooks and an online pattern for a crochet cardigan. It took a few weeks but I eventually finished the pattern. I was so pleased with myself that I immediately began a blanket of granny squares. I haven’t stopped since. My stash has multiplied to numerous boxes and bags of yarn, needles, ribbons, buttons, fabric and patterns. I have a million ideas for projects I want to try and a stack of patterns which could easily keep me busy forever.
My latest idea was to use the scraps of yarns that have been building up. I decided to do another granny square blanket but I decided it would be nice to do the final row of the square and all the joins in the same colour. I didn’t have enough of any one yarn to do this so I decided I would have to get a ball or two of a nice neutral colour to tie all the squares together. This led to a trip to a local yarn store. Four hours later I returned home with the required yarn plus 2 bags full of additional yarn.
I bought some Sirdar Snuggly DK to make some blocks I’d been looking at making from Jan Eatons 200 Crochet Blocks Book which is going to form a blanket for the One a Day CAL. I’m going to call the blanket All about Granny and make it up of granny square blocks and variations of granny square blocks. I’ll try to keep my next post about this project and my progress.
Till next time, Happy Crocheting, Niamh x

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  1. Welcome to the world of blogging! It's a lovely happy commnity. Enjoy!
    Kier x