Monday, 5 December 2011

The Christening gown - Finally :)

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all well. I am on a break from Tuesday Tallies while I wait for yarn so I am finally getting around to posting about the christening gown I made for my son. I only have one photo so far, I scanned it in to the computer but the quality isn't the best, I'm sorry I don't have better ones to show.

The pattern I started with was Simplicity No 4766 pattern C. I adapted it slightly by removing the trims and lace and added the crochet trims instead. I used an off white bridal satin from Hickeys and a matching off white chiffon for over the skirt also purchased in Hickeys.

So here is the dress, ooops I mean gown/robe ;)
Christening gown back

Christening gown front
As you can see on the front it is slightly puckered on one side. At this point it was nearing 3am the night before the christening, I had mangled thread hanging everywhere, I had smashed 4 machine needles and I couldn't see straight. I let the pucker defeat me. It may have won the battle but not the war, I will fix it.

Here is a close up of the back and the trims. I made up the trims myself because I thought that searching internet and pattern books would side track me way too much and result in another pile of to do projects. They're crocheted using a 1mm hook and Aida 20 crochet cotton in Cream. The stitches are just chains, doubles, trebles and picots. If anyone is likes them and thinks they would like to use them just email me and i'll send you what I did and the measurements of the finished trims.
Back close up


Bodice Trim

Neck Trim

Sleeve Trim
I'm very proud of it even with the little flaws. I'm going to embroider his name and date of christening on the lining and if anyone else uses it or if someday Ben's children want to use it then they can embroider their names too. Ben also wore a beautiful crochet shawl that was crocheted by his great granny and was worn by his dad, his uncle and his auntie on their baptisms.

Hope everyone is getting on well with their Christmas projects and their One a Day.

Until next time,

Happy Crocheting, x


  1. Just beautiful! You are so talented. And what a gorgeous baby! Lucky you! Hugs xoxox

  2. Wow, the trims you did are pretty impressive, and intricate. And the dress turned out beautiful. You should feel pretty proud of yourself. It's a lovely tradition you have started.

  3. I love your Christening gown so much, it is amazing! And all the beautiful trims you have made! I am very impressed!
    Have a wonderful day and thank you so much for visiting my blog!

  4. Your christening gown is beautiful - what a wonderful thing to have made. And I love the idea of starting new traditions too. Love Judy x