Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Christmas decorating :)

Hi Everyone,

After much dusting and trips to the attic the decorations are finally up. Our Christmas lights are getting old so this year we have spent hours replacing bulbs. I think though that we must finally say goodbye to our snowball lights in the mantelpiece garland. They did serve us well though so i'm definitely not complaining.

This is our tree. Its usually in the corner but we put up a new bookcase so its been moved over to the window.
Our Christmas Tree
This year we've had some additions to the decorations. A lovely My First Christmas 2011 bauble from Ben's uncle and auntie. I also won a give away on a fantastic blog by Noelle, Its called Sew On and Sew On. She makes the most beautiful pieces. I entered her Christmas House giveaway and was so excited to win. She also sent me a beautiful Felt Robin decoration.
First Christmas Bauble

Christmas House

Felt Robin
Last year I needle felted a Santa Clause and made a cushion with some leftover fabric. I also crocheted some snowflakes.
Needle felted Santa

Christmas Cushion

Well that's our decorating. We're very lucky to have a lovely cosy home with lots of nice decorations for the holidays. I hope everyone's decorating and Christmas preparations are going well. I'm busy making some more Christmas presents but I can't say anything about them incase the intended recipients see this post.

I must go now and pack up my little man for his hospital check up. Its very stormy here today and its started to snow. Hopefully it'll be a quick visit and we'll be back home and tucked up before we know it.

Until next time,

Happy Crocheting, x


  1. It all looks so pretty, I've never tried needle felting, I might have to look into it because your work is lovely. I hope the appointment went well.

  2. Your tree looks gorgeous and I love that cushion. It looks just perfect surrounded by all that crochet!! I've become rather addicted to Christmas cushions this year.
    Last year we spent so long fiddling with the fairy lights, and when we tried to replace some bulbs all the bases were different!!! Drove my poor husband mad, so this year we had to invest in new lights.