Thursday, 29 December 2011

Crafted Christmas Pressies - Part 2

Hi again,

I made a garland for my husband. I put 13 items on it for 13 years together. I did a mix of items including 3  crochet stockings, 3 felt gingerbread men, 2 crochet snowflakes, 1 felt candy cane, 1 felt bell, 1 felt star and 2 felt snowmen. The felt items were cut from squares of felt and not felted using a felting needle. Time would not have allowed for that detail.

In the end I had ran out of time. I had planned to stitch the snowflakes onto some red felt cut in a circle but it was Christmas Eve and my husband phoned to say he was just leaving work so I just attached them. Even though they're starched they're still floppy so i'll take them down and fix that part.


The crochet stockings were made using Angie's Le Monde de Sucrettes Little Christmas Socks pattern. This is a brilliant pattern and very easy to follow. Angies blog is truly inspirational and is a must follow blog.

All the felt items were edged in a blanket stitch using embroidery thread. I used a variety of buttons and beads to decorate the items.

The crochet snowflakes were made using the snowflake how to pattern from The patterns I used were pattern 1 and 2.

I used the second snowflake previously in a cushion and the picture of that snowflake is clearer so i'm showing you that one instead.

I used a gold braided rope that I purchased in a curtain shop as the garland rope. I tied each item to the rope with a basic knot. I enjoyed making this garland and it does look nice. If I was to make it again I'd use a thinner thread for the blanket stitch, it looks slightly amateurish. Other than that though I'm happy with the results.

More projects to follow.

Until next time,

Happy Crocheting, x


  1. What lovely projects, and you've given me an idea for our tenth anniversary this year so thank you!
    I love Angie's blog as well, it's brilliant.
    Happy New Year.

  2. What a lush Idea!

  3. The decorations for the garland was fantastic, it's lovely that it was special to you and your husband.
    I really wanted to make some of those stockings but time just ran out!!
    I haven't made any of those snowflakes but some people blocked them with water and PVA to make them ridged.
    I wish you and your family a wonderful New Year and a special, healthy and happy 2012 xx

  4. I meant to type rigid not ridged!!

  5. That's so lovely and you did a fab job, I especially like the gingerbread men, they're very cute.

    Happy new year!

  6. Happy New Year xx

    That's such a lovely idea with the garland, and it looks great. I've thought about making something for my husband but never found the right idea yet - well done.

    And thanks for the Liebster blog award - I haven't had a chance to reply until now but I'll definitely be posting my favourites soon.

    Judy x