Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Ta-Dah - Finaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyy

Hi Everyone,

All about Granny is finally finished. Well it would have been finished months ago if I hadn't been so slow, picked a regular join and had calculated yarn amounts correctly. Anyway its finished now and i'm relieved.

I did a granny stripe around the edge and then a final row to edge it. For that I did a 6tr together in a chain space (like a scallop) then 1ch and a slip stitch in the next ch sp and repeated it around. (6tr, 1ch, sl st, 1ch, rep to end).

It's very snug but very droopy if that makes sense. The yarn was a wool blend and very soft so I probably should have used a smaller hook if I wanted a tighter stitch and more rigid finish. The main thing is though is that its snug and warm which is what is needed on a cold winters night.

So now its time to decide on the next project. I started a tea cosy Friday which I'll finish while I decide what to do next. Maybe some cushions would be nice.

How are you all getting on? I'm looking forward to checking out everyone's progress over at Gingerbread Girl.

Have a good week.

Happy Crocheting, x


  1. Yay! I do love a good Ta-Dah! The blanket looks lovely Niamh.... :)x

  2. beautiful tah day. your blanket is amazing. I'm looking forward to seeing your tea cozy i do like a tea cosy and have a slight obsession with them, however never made myself one, Hopefully yours will inspire me.

  3. Well done on finishing your blanket. Love the colours you hvae used. Look forward to seeing your next project. x

  4. Your blanket looks wonderful and I love your edging. The red and brown look great together.
    I'm think you can never have too many cushions or blankets and cushions are a great quick project.
    You asked about the hexagons, I've found them very easy to make and have followed Lucy at Attic 24 pattern and it is so clear.
    Looking forward to seeing the tea cosy and what you decide to do next. x

  5. Congrats! I love your blanket and the colors are lovely. Nice work!

  6. Congratulaaaations on the blanket, a big ta-da indeed. Looking great!

  7. Congratulations! Your blanket looks wonderful, well done!
    Have a wonderful day!

  8. Droopy is GOOD! At least that is what I tell my husband when I take of my brassiere!! HA ha!! I like a droopy blanket, it melds to your body so perfectly there is no chance of a draft. My Magical Granny Blanket is heavey and droopy and I swear that's how it gets people to fall asleep under it.

    So in conclusion, droopy is good and your balnket is lush and don't we all calculate yarn amounts wrongly and then have to go on a hunt?!


  9. Gorgeous blanket, and very cosy-looking! Love Judy x