Thursday, 9 February 2012

Tea Cosy Love

Hi Everyone,

I hope your all having a good week. I was delighted to be awarded the Versatile Blogger Award by two more lovely bloggers, Judy at Vintage Homespun and Jill at Stocki. Thank you very much to both of you, I really enjoy reading your blogs and i'm delighted that you both enjoy my blog. Its been a hectic week so far with hospital appointments for Ben but i'll try before long to think up some more random bits about myself and pass on the award to some more favourite blogs.

Once again I missed Tuesday Tallies on the One a Day. I'm still sewing in those pesky ends but i'm sooooooooooooo close to being finished.

I did finally finish a tea cosy I was making from the book Cute and Easy Crochet so I'm delighted to have a little ta-dah moment for the week. I love tea cosies, tea just tastes so much better from a tea cosy snuggled tea pot :)

This is the second tea cosy i've crocheted. I also crocheted a tea cosy from Crochet with Raymonds blog. I love both of them and I found both of them easy to make so would definitely recommend them. The tutorial for Crochet with Raymond is here.

This week was my husbands birthday so I made his favourite Lemon tart and Chocolate cake. I'll leave with a picture of the chocolate, it was yummy.

Have a great week. Until next time,
Happy Crocheting, x

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  1. Hello! Congratulations to your awards! I wanted to nominate you too, but you had recieved so many nominations already! I love your tea cosies, they are so beautiful. I should try that too! Your cake looks really yummy! I´m so in love with chocolate cake. Mmm!